Call For Papers

Call For Papers

ESEP Congress 2023


Education history; It reveals why and how all nations raise their individuals, which educational institutions are established for this purpose, what kind of human training project (curriculum) is put into practice in these institutions, how education is affected by other social institutions, developments in the current age and how thinkers try to influence education with their thoughts. .
In the case of Türkiye, we see how far we have come in education in a relatively short period of time, from primary and madrasa schools to palace schools, recruits and janissaries, to western-style military schools and general education institutions. If students from the past were teleported to the present, they would be stunned by the sights to see large campuses and educators focused on a single subject. Marvel at the sheer number of books lining the shelves in classrooms and libraries, it would probably be nearly impossible for them to understand that computers and artificial intelligence are a normal part of everyday life for students.
If we think about where to go next, we realize what an exciting journey reading the possible future of education is. With this amazing pace of transformation and growth, what else will be possible in future education? And what will the future learning environment be like? What will be our expectations for education in the future? For example, the arrival of COVID and the ensuing pandemic have brought education delivery almost to breaking point. What else awaits us?
The good news is that we have learned some valuable lessons about the future of education and there are some exciting changes on the horizon for future education. Education is the root of man and makes everything impossible in life possible.
ESEP CONGRESS is our first congress to be held in 2023 under the roof of LEGADDER to contribute to science and education in the country. We will hold the ESEP Congress with the theme of “Reading Education from the Past to the Future” hosted by Iskenderun Technical University.

We would like to see you among us at ESEP/International Educational Sciences and Effective Practices Congress.

International ESEP Educatıonal Scıences and Effectıve Practıces Congress

ESEP Congress23


OCTOBER 2023Iskenderun Technical University, Hatay, Türkiye